Legend Chapter 116

Here’s Chapter 116

Did I say that skill acquisition was over last week? Well I lied!
Actually, to be honest, I only got to this chapter around 8pm last night so I didn’t know either ahaha.

A few other things I would like to ask you all this week as they have been things I’ve been considering for a while.

First is Zepairu vs Zephyr.
I’ve stuck with Zepairu so far because that is what I started with, but it’s beginning to sound awkward compared to other names. I am considering changing to 87%’s translation as Zephyr.

Second is King’s Awe vs King’s Intimidation.
It struck me recently that Set’s skill is more of scaring other creatures rather than putting up a grand display, so intimidation might fit better.

Drop your thoughts and I will decide on one by next week. Actually changing all mentions, if I do, will take a bit longer due to me having to change every mention in over 100 chapters.


Lastly, I decided that since I actually have a desktop at home, maybe I should actually use it instead of using my laptop at home. The end result is that I can now run Nier Automata at 1080p highest quality graphics instead of at 360p, lower than lowest quality graphics on my laptop. This also means I can now admire 2B’s high quality assets.


  1. Both King’s Awe and King’s Intimidiation sound like aura effects.

    Awe is like they’re so impressed by whoever used the aura, that their actions slow down because of it, whereas Intimidation is that they’re so scared of whoever used the aura


  2. 1. Zepairu
    2. King’s Intimidation

    Thanks for the treat.


  3. Zepairu instead Zephyr. Zephyr isn’t descriptive of his character since he isn’t wind element or a flighty personality. It might as well be a more unique name like Zepairu.


  4. I’d say Zephyr is better, and King’s Awe remain as is


  5. Heartless

    Since it´s been Zepairu and Kings Awe for so long, i´d prefer it to stay that way: it´s not like it´s wrong (at least not until the author says so) and i´m just used to it.

    And yes, 2B´s “assets” are great to see, especially after “accidently” blowing yourself up.


  6. Was the assets pun intentional?


  7. King’s Intimidation fits what the skill does better
    Zepairu is more unique if slightly awkward sounding lol
    Thanks for the chapter


  8. I prefer real sounding name so Zephyr for me
    And i also choose King’s awe since it can also mean in a negative sense like fear or appalled said thesaurus.


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