Legend Chapter 115

Here’s Chapter 115

It’s time to level up ahahaha.

The next few chapters after this will probably start easing into the arc after sorting out magic stones and materials.
I finished up this chapter roughly around midnight last night so……yeah, hopefully I didn’t mess anything up.
I thought I would be able to get more sleep over the weekend since I don’t have to get up early for work, but in actual fact I get less sleep over the weekends, I have to fix that somehow……


  1. lazygeko

    For those interested, the manga is being translated too.


    • From what i saw, there are 2 versions, one at chqpter 3 or 4 (rei is about to get the power axe from the D rank idiots) and the other is on chapter one (they just killed the water bear, i think)
      So, yea thats what i got from reading the translated versions. The Manga may be ahead in japenese


  2. Thanks for the treat.


  3. Thanks for the chapter ^_^


  4. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!


  5. Thanks for the Chapter~!!! Also please don’t overwork yourself and get plenty of rest


  6. Afternoon naps 😪


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