Legend Chapter 106

Here’s Chapter 106

It’s a bit of a cliff so I was planning to drop a second chapter but then I thought you all would survive so I went back to playing Fate/Grand Order.
Playing JP FGO though, not really that tempted to start over on NA. Just got Merlin to lvl 90, now I can start on Waver to 90 as well……

The actual reason I couldn’t get more chapters out though, which I did want to, is because I have work placement next uni semester.
I’ve been going around to different companies for interviews in the past week for that.
Fortunately, I’ve got two offers from two companies so the main thing that’s left is all the paperwork, doesn’t everyone just love paperwork.


  1. Thanks for the Chapter, I’m looking forward to the next one~!!! Also good luck with uni, your interviews and your paper work~~


  2. Drakuro

    agreed on JP version is better. Translated version is usually not that friendly to free user, making it really hard to farm cash


  3. Shirio

    I play both JP and NA, right now I leveling jaguarman to 100 in JP and NA version is very hard for farming materials


  4. Duh duh duuuuuuhhhhh


  5. I want to play FGO, but “OH NO, HOW DARE YOU HAVE A ROOTED PHONE! NO GAME FOR YOU!” Thanks paranoid game makers. Great idea forcing me to wait for someone to crack the game. That’ll make you much more money!


  6. Mugen

    Nice I play fate also friends


  7. Good luck on your job placement.


  8. Good luck with job placement
    Thanks for the chapter


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