Legend Chapter 105

Here’s Chapter 105

There were meant to be double chapters but I uh busted my net quota for the month and had a hard time accessing anything on the internet for half the week.
This includes all my translations things. It feels bad when you have to watch youtube videos in 144p and you have to wait for that to buffer as well.


  1. The Horror! The Horror!


  2. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    With soldiers like that, the Bastir Empire seems more like the Demon Horde.


  3. Exfernal

    It’s less than 15US$ a month for uncapped Internet access here where I’m living. It could be faster though. 720p has to be buffered a little to watch.


    • I pay 60AUD for 100GB a month ahaha
      Australia is really behind on the net DX


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