Legend Chapter 101

Here’s Chapter 101

What Kuust says at the end of the chapter is rather interesting. He’s a bit of an ass, so I didn’t think he would actually say that at the end.

Been a busy week for me, with my assignments out of the way, I finally started exam revision for my exams next week.
By next week I will have completed over half my exams, which means that I will probably be half as alive as I am right now by next week.

On a side note, went to a wedding yesterday. Social events like these make me kick myself for reasons I will not go into.
Also, IRL, childhood friends lie in a weird zone in relationships.


  1. Drakuro

    never heard of childhood friends end up together where I came from.


  2. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    That last line from Kuust. It’s actually in character if you consider how prideful he is.


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