Legend Chapter 100

Here’s Chapter 100

I did it, I made it, it’s taken me a year and a half but I actually got to chapter 100. Woo Hoo!
Tbh, I wasn’t actually sure how far I would get when I started translating Legend, I don’t usually stick with stuff for extended periods of time but I’ve managed to keep this going to chapter 100.

I would be feeling great and happy about this, but sadly I’m not lol.
The main reason is that this chapter of the week has been brought to you by…*drum roll*…significant lack of sleep in the past week ahaha.
This chapter almost didn’t come out and the reason it did was because I managed to push out both major assignments that I have due Monday a day earlier than I expected.

Anyhow, right now, I’m probably still asleep (this is a prescheduled release) because sleep is great and I need more of it XD.


  1. Thanks for the chapter


  2. Congrats on the major milestone! And enjoy your sleep. 😉


  3. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    What will happen next?
    See it next time
    Same blog
    Not necessarily the same time


  4. Krozam

    Take care of yourself. Lack of sleep is not only unhealthy and unpleasant, it also kills all motivation to be productive (at least for me). >_<

    Also, congrats on reaching 100 chapters. Only 1286 left to reach the point where the story is currently. 😀 I'm currently reading the raws at 356, and enjoying it greatly despite the obviously poor quality of the machine translation. I'm still looking forward to reading your proper translations, though.


  5. Take a good rest.


  6. Ahegao

    I’ll be in your care for next 20-30 years.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Congratulations on the 100th chapter.


  8. teargos

    Congrats on 100 CH. Thanks for everything so far, and I look forward to many great chapters (and other reads) to come. Take care of yourself though bro (apologies if your a girl, haven’t been around the community long enough to know who’s who/what), it’s much more enjoyable to read these when we know whoever translated it for us is doing well, and had as much fun as we did/are.

    Take care,

    P.S. Apologies for not commenting often, don’t usually have a lot of time when I read these, so I often rush from release to release (lots of different LN on my reading list).


  9. Non-intentional spoiler

    While i appreciate the chapter coming out, i cannot view it because moonbunny cafe immediately goes to some advertisement website and is then unable to go back. If i try reloading it then it just does the same thing all over again. Please post it to this website as well please. Also thank you for your dedicated work to make it to chapter 100!


    • I actually do post on this site as well, you just have to go through the Table of Contents page. I make sure to update the ToC before each chapter release so the newest chapter is always linked there.


      • Krozam

        You should probably link that somewhere visible, like under the “Legend” tab where one can also access the gallery.


      • You get to the ToC by clicking on the Legend tab itself XD


      • Krozam

        *Facepalm* I’m not used to clicking the tab itself, if it opens a dropdown menu, I forget the very possibility that the tab itself could still be a link. -_-‘


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