Legend Chapter 99

Here is Chapter 99

Dun dun duuuuuuun, bet none of you saw that coming in this chapter!
……Okay most of you probably did ahahaha.

On a side note, milestone chapter coming up next week if I’m still alive then.
Finished a 60 page report last Friday, major report due Monday, logbook and formal report due Thursday, assignment due Friday, two massive projects due Monday……why is every report/assignment/project scheduled for the last two weeks of every semester……


  1. Thanks for the chapter


  2. UnicornsGalore

    Muu…. when i read absorb magic stone i thought theyd betray rei and hunt set’s magic stone…. cuz ya know…. a rank beast…..

    Though the betrayal happening during the ceremony was kinda a given expectancy…


  3. Thanks for the treat.


  4. Don’t let report/assignment disturb ur translation….

    lol j/k


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