Legend Chapter 97

Here’s Chapter 97

I wonder if the ship will ever sail…….
Also, my apologies if you couldn’t access chapter 96 on my site last week, I seem to have placed it under the Gallery page instead of the ToC……

On another note, let me tell you a story about linux projects.
Once upon a time, a uni student needed to do a project on linux.
He found that he needed some packages for his project.
As he went to install the packages, he found that they needed some dependencies.
As he went to install the dependencies, he found that they also needed dependencies.
As he went to install those dependencies he found they also needed……etc, etc.


  1. /This is the install that never ends.
    /It just goes on and on my friends.
    /You installed the packages not knowing dependencies,
    /And you will keep recursing now forever just because:
    /This is the install that never ends.
    /It just goes on…

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    • Reaper Phoenix

      Lamb Chop play along…


  2. Oh yes, and thank you for the chapter!


  3. Reco

    …..Did you manually install them? If you have internet connection and using a program in linux(I forgot which one) all dependencies was solved as ypu install the main program.


    • Reco

      I remember the its a list with all available programs and once you select the intended program to be installed. This is years ago so it might have improved. We used Ubuntu , Knoppix and Linux Mint.


    • Reco

      Our IT department head hate windows he changed all OS to linux so we should know.


      • Ahaha, well my situation is a bit tricky. I’m using the university computers for my project but my student account doesn’t have the privileges to install packages on the system. The lecturer got IT to help install the packages I needed but everything else I have to manually download from GitHub and make on the computer, which includes a lot of things. Basically, I’m downloading dependencies to fix errors on missing dependencies as I go XD.


      • Reco

        In our case, we each have oir own copy of the linux OS and boot it from flash drive/external hard disk. Our illustrous IT head even remove all hard disk . Since we have our own OS we have all privelages.


  4. Thanks for the Chapter~!!! also good luck with your program problem


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