Legend Chapter 96

Here’s Chapter 96

Quick note, I’ve starting from this chapter I’m changing the way the sound effects of monsters are translated slightly, hopefully it will make the tone of the cries/roars/shouts/etc more clear. I will go back to change the other ones if I ever find the time…*so much work to do that*

Also, I’ve been playing the FGO CCC event and it’s a bit hard but fun. I’m still ever so slightly salty about not rolling an alterego though……
Meanwhile Xant with his EX Luck has rolled every limited servant in this event and other SSR’s that he didn’t have yet……


  1. Thanks for the treat.


  2. fritros

    great, glad the heavy java and moon crap is ur lead…maybe once u decide to not crimalize this site and host ur work not under chinsie….


  3. I feel you I rolled at FEH until 7% and still couldn’t get a single 5 star.


  4. mem

    i cant open link without being redirected to scams like “get a free iphone by answering 3 questions and giving us your bank info”


    • You can view the chapter on this site via the ToC. Tbh though, I have no idea why people seem to have these redirect problems on MBC since it’s never happened to me lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Auschwitz

        You should try checking the ToC again on where does Chapter 96 is linked to.


  5. Thanks for the Chapter~!!!


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