Legend Chapter 91 (AF)

This chapter almost didn’t come out because I was setting up a new modem/router at home, which btw means that I actually have internet at home now *dances*.

So for new readers, every April Fools, which just means last year, I post a chapter which had been sent through a fun translator. Last year’s was Shakespearean. Now I know it’s not April Fools yet for everyone but it is for me and that’s all that counts XD.

If you want someone to blame, blame Reaper Phoenix for this year’s XD

Legend Chapter 91 April Fools

Actual chapter will be out tomorrow at the same time as usual.


  1. today is gonna be a bitch with these annoying jokes


  2. Arrgh, matey, that be hard t’ read! Shiver me timbers! 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

  3. darkheavensphoenix

    just so you know april fools chapters are not supposed to be linked in novelupdates


    • Yep, I read that notice, which is why I specify it’s a AF chapter in the post in case it does show up on NU.
      I think bots crawl for updates so I’m not the one that adds it to NU on release.


  4. Dayum me timber boi’ ye shown’ me sum gud stuff rite there… walk th’ plank with ya’ matey


  5. Aye mateys let reaper walk the plank!


  6. Reaper Phoenix

    Sure! Blame the burning bird. 🔥🐓


  7. First Shakespearean, then Pirate lingo, what’s next? Are we gonna take a visit to the hood next year and put it through an ebonics translator?

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