Legend Chapter 88

Here’s Chapter 88

Aaaaaand unsurprisingly, my internet didn’t come back last Friday and the ETR has been pushed backward for the 3rd time, to Monday.
Sometimes I wonder if my ISP is actually doing anything at all.
I’m now on my 4th run of Sengoku Rance as I try to not screw up horribly along the way and need to restart, like the previous 3 runs XD


  1. Extreme Mirage Lightning

    Yay~ Thanks for the new chapter~

    (PS. You should get someone to help so you can translate more, because this is awesome~)


  2. Thanks for the treat.


  3. Gyfera

    I have to reply because of Rance. Rance is best charismatic asshole.

    Now, I’m just waiting for the translations of the remakes, and Rance 8 and 9 because I want to see best charismatic asshole papa.

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  4. Thanks for the Chapter~!!!


  5. Sorry to hear about the ongoing internet troubles. I hope it is fixed soon!


  6. Thanks for the chapter

    Liked by 1 person

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