Legend Chapter 81

Here’s Chapter 81

I got a new laptop this week so I spent several days installing/copying everything onto it.
Along with family activities, this left surprisingly little time to translate.

Okay, okay, I admit it, I got lazy and didn’t translate this chapter when I had time.
The end result is that my compulsion to release chapters at the same time every week has led me to finishing this chapter just before midnight the day before XD.

EDIT: Whoops, forgot to allow comments again, you should be able to comment on the chapter now should you want to.


  1. chipslover

    new computer, great, screwing over those who dont want to go to a malware site by using ur table of contents to navigate and clicking 81 to chptr 80….priceless


    • dipormiss

      glad the site is working….glad the malware site links are workin….any chance of non malware readers being able to read the chapters? i know the table of contents dont seem to link to the latest chapter or reading older chapters by clicking next lead to the malware site, but if u have givin up on readers not visiting ur partnered malware site, why keep up airs here?


  2. Thanks for your hard work! 😄


  3. Thank you.


  4. Bob

    Thanks for the chapter!


  5. Damn, I envy you got a new laptop
    Thx for the chapter btw *thumbs up


  6. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!
    I’ll read it later since my internet connection is having some trouble dealing with “heavy” sites like Moonbunny Cafe and Gravity Tales. I called them “heavy” because they’re slow to load for me. Don’t know why. It’s easier to access Batoto and it’s a manga site with lots of pictures.


  7. The next chapter link from chapter 68 to 69 is broken.
    this is due to it missing the .com part of the URL
    in the TOC the chapter 68 link links to chapter 69.


    • Thanks for spotting that, both links have been fixed.


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