Legend Chapter 80

Here’s Chapter 80

Before I realised, half my summer break is gone and we’re halfway through the first month of the year, time flies quickly eh?

I’ve done quite a lot in the past week though, read through 15 volumes of Oregairu, Campione! volume 19, read up to tls for The Nine Godheads……I should really do stuff other than reading……like finishing my woodwork project from last summer……

Last note, by accident, I’ve forgotten to allow comments on the chapters on this site since chapter 65, sorry for anyone who wanted to comment, they’ve been allowed now.


  1. All Night

    We’re FREE!@


  2. Thank you for the chapter.


  3. Noooooo!
    I’ve caught up to translator-sama !
    Now I’ll have to wait for updates!
    The horror, the horror 😭

    Thx for the chapter 👍


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