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Legend Chapter 80

Here’s Chapter 80 Before I realised, half my summer break is gone and we’re halfway through the first month of the year, time flies quickly eh? I’ve done quite a lot in the past week though, read through 15 volumes of Oregairu, Campione! volume 19, read up to tls for The Nine Godheads……I should really …

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Legend Chapter 79

Here’s Chapter 79. I honestly haven’t been translating as much as I had hoped I would during my break. I guess it’s hard for me to want to do work when it’s the holidays XD. Shadow Tactics: The Shogun’s Blade might also have something to do with it…… Either way, I haven’t gotten round to …

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Legend Chapter 78

Here’s Chapter 78 to welcome you all to the new year! Well at least for those of you east of GMT. For those of you to the west, enjoy the fireworks, or you can sleep past it like me if your place has no good fireworks 😄 Last note, there’s actually an image of Elena …

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