Legend Chapter 74

Here’s the last chapter I translated before leaving for my trip, Chapter 74.

On a side note, this post and the last 2 were all scheduled to be released before I even left for my trip XD.

EDIT: MBC seems to be having some server issues right now so if you can’t access the MBC chapter page, you can access the chapter from the ToC here, https://silenttl.wordpress.com/legend/


  1. Drakuro

    so no chapter until you get back?


    • SilentNumber

      Chapter on the day I get back, whether it will be on time or not depends on whether I can translate it before I take the plane back XD.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    Kust is a royal pain in the ass. Thoroughly annoying.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. egofighter

    does this have a manga? link please…… i saw it is adapted to manga in Novel updates


  4. yo all your links to the chapters can’t be connect time for me is 1 am mountain time.


    • SilentNumber

      If you’re talking about the MBC links, MBC is currently having some techinical difficulties, it should still be possible to access the chapters on this site via this page using the TOC https://silenttl.wordpress.com/legend/



  1. Legend | Legend Chapter 74 - Light Novels Feed

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