Legend Chapter 73

Considering all I said last week, things aren’t quite that bad for you all.
Luckily, I actually managed to translate a few more chapters before I left.
I spent the last week in Thailand, so plenty of spicy food and beer.
Speaking of beer, I’ve drank more beer in the last week than I have in the rest of my life before last week XD.

Here’s Chapter 73

EDIT: Side note, I’m now in Malaysia for a few days visiting friends. Next post should be from HK.


  1. Mm, Thai food… Oh, don’t worry. I’m not jealous or anything. (Jerk.) šŸ˜‹


  2. Ophious

    You shouldn’t drink too much…it’s bad for your health… >_>
    also thanks for the chapter!


    • SilentNumber

      So said my mum over the phone as well XD. I’ve had over a liter of beer each night for the past week, thankfully its light lager so it’s not too bad.


  3. Hope you enjoy your visit..


  4. Reaper Phoenix

    Sampling local cuisine is the perk of travelling. Enjoy your self! You won’t know when you’ll be able to eat them again.


  5. Thanks for the chapter!!
    Enjoy the tour~



  1. Legend | Legend Chapter 73 - Light Novels Feed

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