Legend Chapter 68

Here’s Chapter 68

Here I was planning my day and I thought, 2 hours is enough to finish translating this chapter. But nooooo, 2 hours wasn’t enough, it just kept going and going and going and well enough ranting from me XD

Just a few things I would like to talk about briefly.
Firstly is about why Rei isn’t spreading the Magic Beast Art as he is the inheritor of it.
Well there’s two simple reasons.
1. No one has enough magic power
2. He needs that magic circle that’s inside the house in the forest to use the Magic Beast Art
So technically speaking, he doesn’t know anyone else that could use it and even if they could he can’t teach it to them.

Second thing I want to talk about is that although Rei is calling Elena with honourifics, Elena isn’t calling Rei with honourifics.
Just thought that that was something interesting to mention.


  1. Yuz

    Thanks 😀


  2. Nantoka

    Thanks for the chapter :3


  3. Thanks for the chapter.


  4. All Night

    Since this is only released once a week. I always forgot about it til it pops up in my feed hahah.


  5. Ophious

    Thanks for the chapter!


  6. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Iron snake skin boots? Belts?


  7. Thanks for the chapter!
    Though I feel terrible for saying this but I always feel like I wanna read more. Its just that interesting. Can’t wait but will have to, to finish with Kanjis.



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