Legend Chapter 65

Here’s Chapter 65

Feeling so tired right now DX……and daylight saving starts tomorrow so I lose an hour of sleep, halp!

*grumbles about having to sort through the inevitable comments saying Rei should kill them all*

P.S. Worlds anyone?


  1. Robert

    DST is 10/30 or 11/6 (depending on where you are) this year so you have another month still


    • SilentNumber

      Nope, DST started today for me XD. South Australia.


  2. Robert

    That too bad – I too am not looking forward to DST ending. That aside thanks so much for the chapter. I have very much enjoyed this series and look forward to upcoming chapters.


  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    I couldn’t thank after the chapter. so here.
    I hate nobles here. such arrogance.


  4. I hope school is going well…I was thinking it would take a few weeks for you to release 65. But ” THANK YOU ” for finding the time.


    • sauceit

      i agree in sincerity, but really, how u not be hooked into this, its driving me nuts not knowing what will happen next, very good series


  5. Kyle

    Thank You! I just came across this story a few days ago and its awesome. You also rock for taking the time to translate for the rest of us!


  6. indream88

    Thanks for the chapter. So, main waify met? Only need to get her. Go for her Rei-boy.


  7. Thanks for the chapter!!
    I found this novel last night and I finally catched up with the TL, now I’m just sad because I want to know what happens next…
    But anyway that Ara really deserved to die… Self conceited idiots that blindly follow their twisted version of justice. I wonder what they saw the moment their gazes connected (Rei and Elena). And by the way, AUTHOR! YOU PROMISED ME OPPAI NEKOMIMI-NEESAN!!! YOU BETTER DELIVER!!


  8. Kek, happy birthday!


    • SilentNumber




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