Legend Chapter 64

Here’s Chapter 64.

Just a two quick notes.

Firstly, if you feel that the past few chapters have been short, that’s because they’ve actually been shorter. The next few chapters, on the other hand, are longer than usual.

Secondly, while I will try to continue with one chapter a week, I might take a break for a week or two at the end of next month due to exams. Which funny enough, was the time I actually started translating last year because of *mumbles* procrastinating about exam revision *mumbles*. Just thought I’d give you all a heads up.


  1. Thanks for new chapter. Much appreciated.


  2. Don’t take this as a complaint, but just as a statement. At the current pace, it’ll take several years for you to catch up somewhat decently, because the author is averaging around one chapter daily, and he/she is currently at 1134 chapters. True, you’re doing this entirely of your own free will, but i’m afraid at this rate you’ll just fall further and further behind, if you ever wish to catch up fully. And if you ever pass that 3 month time limit for NU for some reason, someone else might be willing to try and increase the speed of cranking out chapters compared to you.

    So, provided you keep up this on average 1 chapter / week, you ought to have a rather stable reader base, but if you wanted to increase it you could either do it more by yourself, or find someone to help. And if you ever want to take a break, that’s up to you as well, just keep in mind the 3 months time limit. Most people won’t break the rule, because of all the criticism it’ll create, but just be aware of the time, because afer that, it’s free game, and someone else might profit from all your work in making people aware of this novel.


    • Wow, that harsh you know


      • Well, considering how slow this is, i think someone might get impatient. Hope they’ll collab tho…


      • I’m a cynical realist. I say facts like they are, because trying to find some other tone to use to get the message across, will just complicate the whole message.

        And it’s true about the current amount of chapters the author is at, because yesterday it was 1134, today it’s 1135.

        I wasn’t trying to offend anyone, I just offered a factual opinion of the current situation. Because if someone does see 3 months pass for this, they might not necessarily go for it at once, but they might not necessarily wait a long time either. There’s several novels i’ve seen people wanting to get picked up, but not having the 3 months time limit passed, so it doesn’t happen.


    • Krozam

      Considering the author’s incredible pace, it would be pretty much impossible for a single TL doing this as a hobby to catch up. I’m sure Silent is quite aware of that. The story will end eventually, that’s when the catching up begins. Unless, of course, a few more TLs get interested in this story and start cooperating.


      • Mike

        i really dont get how a translator working on premade writting can be slower than the author writing this from scratch. it nothing but a lack of effort isnt it? not trying to be rude here i just really cant understand this, the translators get so much more encouragement than the original writters but 90% of them are either slow or careless. make my head hurt seeing so much support for lazy people :/


  3. Reaper Phoenix

    Go study! Ace that exam, and I won’t mind waiting for a couple if weeks or even a month.


    • Mike

      i mind, if you cant do what you promised by starting the job at least open it up for some else who’s wiling to put in the time and effort.


  4. DimSumHero

    Thanks for the heads up and good luck with your exams.


  5. School SUXS but you need to do it…although i WISH i could read Japanese but i cant 😦 I’m hyped to see How they react to one another.



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