Legend Chapter 61

Here’s Chapter 61.

Just my own quick thoughts on the chapter. At the end, I still couldn’t help thinking ‘What did that poor sofa ever do to you?’.


  1. Drakuro

    error 404
    please fix


    • Drakuro

      u can only access the chapter by going to chapter 60 and press next chapter


      • SilentNumber

        Fixed, I made a mistake editing the url links earlier.


  2. DarkGo

    Please also add link for chapter on this site. It’s weird to only have redirect link on this site.


    • SilentNumber

      DX……I’m linking to MBC because of ad revenue atm but chapter wise there’s absolutely no difference. I mean, if you don’t like the ads, you could always use an ad blocker. tbf, I’m not the only one who only has chapter redirect links for chapters and if you really want to read the chapters here, I’ve still made them available.


  3. Sofa ?
    No, the door is way more important !
    Maybe the author is trying to establish the door as an alternative MC (after all they are vending machine and dungeon MCs already, why not a door)…



  1. Legend | Legend Chapter 61 - Light Novels Feed

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