Legend Chapter 59

Here’s Chapter 59 which brings us to the conclusion of the second arc.
Next arc coming up is Altar of Inheritance.

On that note, I would like to make a quick discussion regarding the factions in Legend.

There are basically 4 factions.
King’s faction (sides with the king)
Nobles faction (sides with the nobles which may not completely support the king, afaik at least)
Neutral faction (nobles who don’t want to side with either the king or against the king)
and the True Neutral faction (adventurers guild. They don’t side with any faction but have nothing against helping any of them)

Rei is currently in the True Neutral faction, but by being in the city of Girumu, is basically treated as part of the Neutral faction.


  1. They only mention the 3 first factions, but I guess you could say the adventurers are up to their own choices on who to support.


  2. Thanks for the chapter. Also, not sure if you meant to or not, but the link leads to Moon Bunny Cafe just as a reminder.


    • SilentNumber

      That is intended. Chapters are still hosted on this site though and you can access it through the ToC which has been updated.


  3. somuchforthereaders

    well its the norm to lead readers to malware/virus sites regardless of him saying hes keeping chapters here, but thank him for introducing malware to ur computer since supporting a blacklisted website is more important to him than its readers


    • SilentNumber

      I have no issues with MBC whatsoever regarding it being a malware/virus site so at this stage I have to assume its a problem on your side. Of course, if most readers start to have issues, that’s a completely different matter.


      • somuchforthereaders

        well thats good but can u at least but up in ur open the link is to mb so as to not miss lead and others can access through the legend chpt links that are non mb, also ur anti program may need checking if mb is considered safe, just ran some check and they are skirting some issues to pass regular safe checks


  4. Reinell

    I think it’s a bit different. I think its more like political partis and private contractors



  1. Legend | Legend Chapter 59 - Light Novels Feed

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