Legend Chapter 57

Whew, here’s Chapter 57, last week burned me out quite a bit so it feels great to go back to 1 chapter per week XD.

You all want to find out whether Rei passed the test or failed it right? Right? No? Maybe it was just me then……


Well okay, since it coincides with this chapter, I would like to take a bit of time to explain Rei’s current situation, if you feel that Rei is being treated pretty normally by other characters right now, then you can probably ignore this. But if you feel that Rei isn’t being placed at the level he should be, read on.

Some of you may feel that considering Rei is so strong and all, why doesn’t the guild system allow him to jump straight up to B rank or something. What you have to understand is that Rei is strong in combat, but that’s about it. He’s only been in this world for less than 3 months and has barely any combat experience or life experience in this world.

Adventuring in this series isn’t like a lot of other series where you’re just strong, beat everything up and advance. It requires knowledge of the environment, monsters and locations. It requires social skills, etiquette and good conduct. In general, it requires competency in a wide range of areas. Rei’s final ranking is such because though his combat power is at least B rank, he is still deficient in a lot of different areas.

In other words, this is a pretty realistic view on the adventuring business. You may find it annoying that people don’t seem to recognise his abilities but honestly speaking, there’s nothing wrong with evaluating him as such. Understand that the reason the guild system is working the way it is is because it has functioned well for so long. It is not worth changing the system that has been functioning well for the rare cases like Rei, remember that there are only 3 S rank adventurers in the entire world.

Hopefully that helps with understanding the way the story is written by the author. If you have any comments or questions regarding what I said, feel free to drop a comment. Of course, if you complain about the way Rei is treated without reading this, well, read this first XD.

P.S. On a completely unrelated note, any readers from Adelaide, Australia here? There should be at least a hundred of you from Australia so one of you has to be down here right? XD


  1. sorry only sydney XD


  2. Otsukaresan ~


  3. melbourne here~ sorry~


  4. afk48

    At least legend has criteria other than strength. Others are just like power ranking


  5. daveman9

    Isn’t Adelaide the city with the mighty black stump? I think it is.


    • SilentNumber

      If it is then I had no idea XD


  6. bigstew00

    i like how day to day this series is, it gets old when the series starts them off as a badass and only fights other badasses, this and OSO are both my current fav rereads



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