So I was thinking……

This couldn’t be a good idea, I mean, sure, it’s a short arc but I’m not crazy, right? Right?

Turns out I am a little bit crazy. So today you get 12 chapters. Woohoo! Celebration!

In all seriousness, I somehow made myself translate a chapter a day for two weeks for this and while I am now slightly sleep deprived, on the bright side, there’s a lot of chapters XD. As with mass releases, there may be slight issues so drop a comment here if a link is broken or you can’t comment on one of the pages, etc, etc.

While it isn’t the whole arc, it basically covers the entire rank up test. The last 3 chapters of the arc are in fact an introduction to the 3rd arc, which by the way is called Altar of Inheritance.

The chapters will be released at 1 minute intervals so that it doesn’t mess up the post order. Chapter 45 will be release same time as this post, 46 will be one minute later and so on. No complaining, if you read a chapter in under a minute, you probably didn’t read it all XD.

So, I won’t spoil too much but new people, old people and actual realistic human behavior. Also, pointy ears.

Thanks for reading that, here’s Chapter 45Β toΒ Chapter 56.

P.S. Don’t expect releases like this to happen often XD. They will only occur when, a) It’s my mid year/summer break, b) It’s near the end of an arc or it’s a short arc, c) I have enough motivation. Next week will be back to one chapter releases :p .


  1. Sir, I love you

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  2. afk48

    Thank you for this!!!!!!


  3. thank you guy, I don’t expect this good surprise


  4. Thank you!!!
    (Don’t kill yourself k?)

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  7. Yuz

    Wait…. what ??? O.o

    When i read the title : “Oh… a no-chapter post…”
    When i read to the end : “F*ck*ng Shit !!!”


    • Yuz

      Thank you btw ^^


  8. whoaaaahhhh!!!
    when i read in the novelsupdate, i didn’t believe my eyes!!!
    so many chapters at once!!!!
    this really make my day happy!!!!
    thanks for your hardwork and please don’t forget to rest too!!@


  9. Thanks for the hard work.


  10. Bobster

    It’s simply amazing that you translated an entire arc. Thank you so much!


  11. Bob, son of Bob

    Sweet Zombie Jesus, twelve chapters at once? Frikkin’ awesome!


  12. Holly Sh*t!!! Thank you so much for the mass releases. Please do not over work yourself.


  13. Wentley

    Damn! That’s intense! Thanks for all the chapters!


  14. farkhanplanet

    is it dream………


  15. omg iloveyou but please rest well!!


  16. MARVELOUS!!!!!! – Quote from Lyle walt, Sevens.
    Thank you for the translation.


  17. M-M-Multi Kill!… Monster Kill!… Holy Shit!

    Thank you for this crazy wonderful release!


  18. JustcallmeJust

    Whoa… 😲


  19. Taska

    Woah!!! Ty so much ❀


  20. May His grace be with you.


  21. Solomon

    o_o whoa.. THANKS!


  22. Thank you so much for this great suprise! As always keep up the great work ^.^


  23. oolas

    I’m going to enjoy this slowly with a slice of shortcake and a cup of tea
    Thanks a lot!!


  24. Thanks πŸ˜€


  25. WoW I didn’t believe my eyes for a moment. Thank you so much.


  26. memearrow

    Amazing work, thanks!


  27. PLEASE know, i have tried to translate Japanese to read be for & my brain cant process the info…:( since I am a disabled vet. I have fell in love with these stories & people like you who translate light, web & hard/soft cover novels to English are my bread & butter. I want you to know you at least touched 1 person who enjoys your efforts. thanks alot !


  28. Dark_Messiah

    So i was on novelupdates when i see that new chapters of legend are up. So i was like, cool 2 chapters 45-46 again, lovely! Then i noticed. WAIT IT’S NOT 2!

    Thanks for the 11 chapters!


  29. shahshahahahahhashhshsha

    Well god daaamn.

    TY for the dump πŸ˜€

    Don’t kill yoself though.


  30. Thank you so much for the update, it keep me entertained out here in the desert πŸ™‚


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