Legend Chapter 44

Here’s Chapter 44

Sadly only a single chapter again this week. My uni starts back up after the weekend so I tried to translate as many chapters as I could. And I actually got quite a few done. But…um…well……I kinda forgot to leave time to edit the translated chapters XD. Well, anyway, next week should have a nice surprise *hint hint*.

Right, back to the chapter, did any of you guess the skills? To be honest I didn’t, I’m still trying to work out the requirements for getting skills XD. Also although this is technically the second arc already, you can expect the last few and first few chapters of each arc to be some kind of interlude where stuff from the previous arc get wrapped up before the actual next arc starts up.

Also, all mentions of Corner Rabbit in chapters 43 and 44 have been changed to Horned Rabbit,  thanks to Zatrys for pointing that out. This is one of the cases where the literal meaning of the word didn’t match it’s actual meaning. The characters for horn and corner are actually different and the character for corner was used but the intended meaning is horn.


  1. Moshi Mosh?


  2. Salamat! Xie xie! Gracias señor silencio!


  3. Thanks

    Youre doing really well, great translations. Thanks.



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