Legend Chapters 41+42

Hey everyone, double chapters today! There’s also some other stuff I want to say first though so the links are at the bottom.

Chapter 42 concludes the first story arc of Legend, I never actually thought I would get this far with translating when I first started so I’m actually quite happy with myself.

I may seem to be translating slowly but I’ve actually translated the equivalent word count of 2.5 light novels in under a year.

For the people who find that slow, I guess we’re just too used to people like Ren, who on that note, translated the equivalent of 37.7 light novels in a year during his time on Coiling Dragon XD.

So keep this in mind when you feel that translations are slow, we translators are all crazy, some of us are just a bit more crazy than others.

Next up is the story. I would like to explain a few things about the setting that some people may find strange at the moment. Rei himself effectively has the strength of a B rank adventurer. Together with Set, they have the power of a weaker A rank party. However, at this stage, Rei can’t actually get a B rank in the guild as he doesn’t have the social etiquette skills required to get that rank. Ranking up at his current rate is probably best for Rei, and storywise, he seems to understand that.

Secondly, in case none of you have guessed it, the next arc is called Rank Up Test. It’s a shorter,  17 chapter arc.

Thirdly, the Gallery has been updated for those interested, the light novel covers for Legend volumes 4 to 6 have been added.

Lastly, I looked up the summaries for the light novels on Japan Amazon to see which volumes correspond to which web novel arcs. By the looks of it, the Orc Village Raid and Rank Up Test arcs were combined into volume 1 while the third web novel arc, which is a similar length to the Orc Village Raid arc, was split into volumes 2 and 3.

Well, thanks for reading all that, Chapter 41 and Chapter 42 links are here. If you skipped past the wall of text, come back to read it later, there’s some interesting stuff XD.

P.S. I almost forgot, I enabled mobile mode for the site, I didn’t realise it wasn’t turned on, sorry to all those who read this on a mobile device previously.


  1. Thanks for the chapter
    Thanks for making the site mobile friendly now to


  2. Thanks for everything


  3. thanks for double chapter and please keep up your work!! it’s okay when its a little slow but please don’t drop this novel!!
    thank you!! 😘


  4. Kenjo

    Thanks for the work


  5. Thanks, you’re doing a great job and it isn’t all that slow it’s constant, giving us chaps practically every week which is very good and that quality of the trans is great, keep up the good work and that we may have many good years


  6. Yuz

    Thanks for the chapters.


  7. Are you telling us that it’s going to be like one of those where they can travel the world, defeat all evil and have afternoon tea in 3 chapters, but when it comes to tournament/competition/schoolbattle etc. it takes 1000 chapters to get through one part.


    • SilentNumber

      If I understood you correctly, I think it’s just the way it was adapted into the light novels. The light novel versions often change a lot of minor things here and there. As a result, it’s likely that the first and second arcs were abridged into a single light novel while the third arc was adapted into 2 light novels keeping most of the detail.

      If you’re referring to events being dragged on disproportionately to how long they actually are, then there are no issues there with this story. The longest arcs are 160 and 180 chapters respectively and the both cover major events which are likely to span that long.


      • Although you make a good point, all I was saying was why does a rank up test take 17 chapters? With the current chapter length it should take maybe a couple of chapters for stuff in town, then couple to prepare the test, couple more to do the test (it’s not some martial arts competition to require 100 chapters for 100 participants each), and then couple of chapters to end it. Maybe some few more to create trouble and drama. Well w/e, it’s just me being paranoid.


      • SilentNumber

        Ah right, from what I’ve read, there will be several other adventurers aside from Rei who will also be ranking up, so a few chapters are actually spent introducing those characters. There’s also some other things but I won’t spoil them for now XD.


  8. Thanks 🙂



  1. Legend | Legend Chapters 41+42 - Light Novels Feed

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