Legend Chapter 40

Here’s Chapter 40.

Exams are finally over for me. WooHoo!!! It was quite the week, the exam that I thought would be the hardest turned out to be nice and easy, and the easy one kicked me in the balls T.T, I’m not sure if I even passed that. All that aside, still a single chapter for this week, as of writing this (scheduled post), it’s currently 12:20 am, haven’t been able to do any translating the whole week so I crammed it in tonight XD.

About the chapter, this one is a bit of reminiscing with Elk and Hobbes, and wow, Elk fought that? I mean, sure, Rei can take out an Orc King by himself but I reckon Elk takes the cake for now. Also, can anyone guess what the next arc is going to be? Without looking up the raws of course.

Finally, if you have an account with NovelUpdates, would you mind adding Legend to your reading list if it isn’t already? Currently about 2400 of you have already done so but I want to see how many readers there actually are XD. WordPress does give visitor count but I don’t know how it differentiates between visitors so it’s not the most accurate way to find out as far as I know.


  1. congrats and thanks for your hardwork!! 😘



  1. Legend | Legend Chapter 40 - Light Novels Feed

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