Legend Chapter 39

Whoops, sorry everyone. I’ve been grinding over past exam papers and the chapter completely skipped my mind. I only just woke up as well, but I’ll get the chapter up in around 15 minutes.

Right, here’s Chapter 39.

I’ve still got two more exams in the next week so I’ve been working on past exam papers for the past week or so. These two are the more difficult of the 4 I have this semester so crunching down on as much revision as I can.

As for the chapter, another slow chapter, mainly Rei giving a few explanations about the slave system in this world as well as Elk having sparkly eyes. In fact the next few chapters are pretty slow as well but it’s mainly because it’s providing info leading up to the next arc.

Well, I’ll be free by the next week so let’s hope all goes well shall we? XD


  1. Edd

    Thank you for the chapter and good luck on your exams.
    I’ll pray for your success and good grades in all your exams.


  2. thanks for the chapter and your hard work. good luck for the exams!!



  1. Legend | Legend Chapter 39 - Light Novels Feed

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