Legend Chapter 36

Here’s Chapter 36

I would like to just clear up a few things from last week’s post. I’m probably not going to pick up another series, Legend has pretty much got my hands full atm. I mentioned another series last time purely because I had been thinking whether or not to pick it up for……a few months at least.

For those wondering why I don’t just translate Legend faster, there are a few reasons, which I’ll try to explain. Firstly, with my university workload, I can’t guarantee more than a chapter a week. If I tried to do two a week, I’d probably end up lagging behind in uni, and if I started to catch up with that, I wouldn’t be able to do two chapters a week. Secondly, I do keep a stockpile of translated chapters, however, this is purely to keep my translations going. For example, next week, I have two projects and 3 reports to submit followed by 4 exams in the next few weeks. Under such  circumstances, I don’t think I would be able to translate much. As a result, I release the chapters I translated previously. Think of it as me doing so to keep myself motivated to translate as opposed to trying to hold the story back. However, around summer break, I plan to release any chapters I have stockpiled in one go as I would have more time to translate then.

It’s been a tiring week for me as it’s nearing the end of semester and I’ve spent upwards of 18 hours coding for two projects in the past 3 days so I would like to thank you all for sticking around, reading and/or commenting, it brightens up my life.

Although I haven’t done a recommendation in a while, for those who want something to read in the mean time, I recently read Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki. It’s a great story being translated by Yukkuri and Larvyde. Since there’s two translators on two sites, I’ll link the NovelUpdates page, here.

Well thanks for reading this wall of text, and did I mention this chapter is a cliffhanger?


  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Looks interesting, I am going read it after I finished reading Legend. Thanks for your hard work and good luck on your exam.


  2. Reaper Phoenix

    Don’t worry about it! Real life takes priority.


  3. Oddball

    Oooooh! Another novel to follow. 😙 Thank you!


  4. Blarster Zero

    Dude take your time to do real work, you can after all only do that once. But best wishes for your exams, projects, reports etc. and remember to take it easy sometimes.



  1. Legend | Legend Chapter 36 - Light Novels Feed

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