Legend Chapter 35 + Minor things

Okay, before the chapter, just so people read this.

Does anyone mind that I only put previous/next chapters at the bottom of each chapter?

Some other sites have them at the top and bottom so I was wondering if any of you feel that having both is better.

Secondly, would any of you find it useful if I put up a glossary of items, people and places? The glossary would be as up to date as I’ve translated so it will contain spoilers for those who haven’t read up to the latest translated chapter.

Well, thanks for reading that, here’s Chapter 35.

Now that the side quest is finished, onto the main quest. Also, I find it morbidly funny that no one seems to care about Murgas, whether it’s his own party or Rei.

Final note, I’m considering picking up another series. Although I don’t know whether I’ll end up doing it or not. It may be just that it’s nearing exams and I’m translating just so that I forget about uni work, after all, Legend is already plenty for me.

……I should really work on that project due in two weeks……and that series doesn’t seem to be the most MTL friendly either. Well at any rate, if you’ve read this far, thanks for listening to my grumbling XD. (EDIT: Just a quick note as I didn’t make it clear, if I do pick up another project, it will not affect Legend releases.)


  1. particularly i don’t have any deep thoughts on that, do what you will, if i must say, keep it only on the botton it’s the easiest way(i think?), thanks for your hard your, yeah Murgas is really annoning so nobody really cares and i’m looking foward for your next project.


  2. Bottom is good. I never used top navigation on other sites. For people who read every release as it comes out, the navigation is useless. For people who read a couple chapters at a time or new to the series will find bottom navigation useful to go to the next chapter.

    Regarding the glossary, I’m neutral to it. It can be handy but if its too much trouble don’t bother.


  3. about previous/next button, it’s fine either way. there won’t be much difference to people who follow the series.
    about the glossary. I think it’s good to have one.


  4. Top & Bottom is rather useful, because people can often remember what happens in a read chapter if they just see the title and beginning, so if it’s the top then, they can just go on the next unless they want to read it.

    Bottom is easier when you’re actually reading the chapter, so that you don’t have to scroll up for every chapter.

    However, not everyone has both, so just bottom is fine until you’ve translated quite a few chapter, at the time when people start rereading, but can’t find the chapter they’re looking for, so they have to search through every chapter. But then again, having to put in top ‘chapter keys’ when you’ve got a large stash of chapters already done can be a hassle, so if you’ve already done it up to date, then it’s not that hard to add it for every new chapter.

    Glossary is also something with different types. Some have it really orderly, some have it alphabetically, some timewise/chapterwise, some by category etc. ,so it depends on how much effort you feel you want to spend on it.If not much, then not much, if you want the best glossary out there, with alphabetical lists by category and chapter numbers for when it occurs, and possible quotes of it/them being introduced, then that’s a lot more effort.


    • SilentNumber

      Wow, thanks for your thoughts XD . I’ll consider placing them at the top in future probably, as some other people have said, having it at the top is useful when trying to locate a chapter you’ve read up to. As for the glossary, if I do make one, it will probably be by category then alphabetical.


  5. Oruonice

    I have to say having them at the top as well is quite handy for me since I track my reading with bookmarks. Being able to either quickly tap back to the previous chapter to remove old bookmarks when I’ve followed outside links to a new chapter or forward to check for new updates without scrolling to the bottom is quite convenient.


  6. If both isn’t too much trouble. I would say do that. I normally use the bottom ones most of the time, but I’ve had occasions where the top links are useful when I press the ‘Home’ key and jump to the top of the screen.


  7. I think you shouldn’t do a side project now the novel is kind of slow and your speed is not that fast (I’m not complaining here, your speed is totally fine by me) so you should focus at legend for now. Just my opinion


    • TWarrior

      Same here. Considering the story’s interesting and the pace’s way too slow I’d suggest to increase translating speed of that novel instead. No offence, just some true.


  8. I think the chapter buttons aren’t very useful unless you post seveeal chapters at a time


  9. Reaper Phoenix

    Top or bottom. Not much difference to me.


  10. Bottom is good I think.
    When done to the next or prev


  11. I’m just glade you have it on the page


  12. Thanks 🙂


  13. Garf

    I think noone mentioned this so far, but if you use the readers mode the bottom ones are not always shown while still in the reading mode. If you then lave the reading mode you will automatically start on the top of the page. So top and bottom both have their use.


  14. If it is not too much hassle with you, then top and bottom will be good. Thanks for the chapter and looking forward for the next one.


  15. Having previous & next at top as well is helpful when switching browser from reading view.
    Glossaries are great when u forget parts of a story while waiting for new posts. If u started it with a spoiler warning then those not caught up (like new fan me self) read at their own risk.
    Thank you kindly for ur excellent translation



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