Legend Chapter 34

Now is the moment you’ve all been waiting for XD……..

But first, the poll results.

About 70% of you all guessed correctly, or maybe that’s just what you wanted to happen.

For those who voted they become friends, did you really want that to happen?

And of course, the people who guessed that Rei died. He already died once, this isn’t going to be a double reincarnation story…..probably.

Well, enjoy Chapter 34. *grumbles about having so many reports and projects to do*




    Are you serious? Rei didn’t die? Wow im shocked O.O


    • If an arrow penetrates the dragon cloak then that means the op gear he has is useless besides he took the hit so he can find the most troublesome of the bunch and take them out in which he did


  2. Actually I’m expecting a double reincarnation story. I think much later, after he’s figured out how to unlock his other magic types(another thing I’m expecting) he’ll make an extra body like the one prepared for him and be forced to use it as a trump card.



  1. Legend | Legend Chapter 34 - Light Novels Feed

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