Legend Chapter 29

Here’s Chapter 29.

Just a few things to mention, because of the change in timezone due to daylight saving where I am, chapters should come out about 30 minutes earlier than previously.

Secondly, I’ll be adding [Next Chapter] links even though the chapter may not be up yet. This is because I keep forgetting to add back the links to previous chapters whenever I add a new chapter.

On to the story. Well, for those wondering why Rei doesn’t just burn down the whole village, the answer is in here.


  1. complements for your work and gratifications for the chapter.


  2. Jondarme

    Thank you for the chapter.


  3. Paul

    Thanks for your work translating this, started reading it yesterday and powered through what’s available in one sitting.



  1. Legend | Legend Chapter 29 - Light Novels Feed

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