Legend Chapter 27 (Actual Chapter)

Here’s the real Chapter 27 in proper, modern English.

Firstly, this chapter may come out a bit later than usual, a Daylight Saving time change occurred this morning  where I am, so I’m not sure how WordPress will do the scheduled releases.

By popular vote, I will be adding back honourifics to the names. The past chapters may take a bit longer to update depending on how much time I have.

I will also be using a mix of Romaji and English titles depending on which one I feel gives a clearer meaning.

Lastly, the April Fool’s chapter won’t have a previous/next chapter link but I will provide a link to it in the Table of Contents in case anyone wants to check back on it in future.


  1. Who wants to read another damn april joke chapter! Especially Ren’s!


  2. Reaper Phoenix

    Any chance you would translate a chapter into pirate lingo next year? LOL



  1. Legend | Legend Chapter 27 (Actual Chapter) - Light Novels Feed

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