Legend Chapter 27 (AF)

An this April Daw’s day, i giveth thee a chapt’r in Shakespearean Chapter 27. The prop’r English chapt’r shall cometh out on the usual day.

(Note, this is an actual chapter just turned into Shakespearen, so technically if you can read it, then you can read the chapter early.)

EDIT: I just shoved the entire chapter into a English to Shakespearean translator for those who are wondering, so the result isn’t intended to be perfect Shakespearen, just a fyi.


  1. Kosaki

    nope waiting till tommorow


  2. farkhanplanet

    April mop


  3. i hate that i still completely read it lol


  4. waaaa…….. you….
    I can half read & understand it.. just half..
    thank you!


  5. tkhendrix22

    you good sir have earned my temporary ire. i think i understood what was happening. at least in general. but the subtle stuff most likely slipped past.


  6. killua

    No. Can’t do. I give up reading this Shakespearen’s things. Wait for normal chapter!


  7. BookWorm8695

    April fools indeed😤 you truly lifted me up with hope😇😆 only to send me crashing down😱😨😰 I hope your happy crushing someone’s dreams👹😭🤕🤒



  1. Legend | Legend Chapter 27 (AF) - Light Novels Feed

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