Legend Chapter 26

Here’s Chapter 26.

Before you continue, I would just like to note a few things.

Firstly, I’ll be retroactively changing griffon and goblin to Griffon and Goblin. This is for consistency with the rest of the monster naming.

Secondly, a bunch of characters started to use honourifics, which confused me for a moment because the earlier characters didn’t use them. I’ve left them out for this chapter but would you prefer me to keep or drop the honourifics? Poll below.

Thirdly, I’ve been using mum and dad as opposed to okaasan and otousan. Should I keep with the current naming or use the Romaji equivalents? Poll Below.      http://strawpoll.me/7194723

Thanks for taking the time to answer if you did and enjoy the chapter.



  1. mum and dad is okay. what are the rest like? i guess i prefer english. honorific is ok. if you mean like -san or whatever like that.



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