Legend Chapters 22-25

Here’s Chapter 22…and 23…and 24…and 25……yeah.

You’re all probably wondering why you got 4 chapters instead of the normal 1. Well, it’s not a birthday present, unless it is your birthday, which in that case happy birthday.

The translator’s corner discord chat ran a mahjong tournament which I entered. Unfortunately, I seem to have missed the part about the loser of each round having to pay in either songs or chapters, chapter/6 points or song/2 points.

Aaaaand I lost by 18 points T.T so it’s the weekly chapter + 3 more.

So I would like to take this time to say gamble responsibly, and if possible, don’t gamble at all.

Well aside from that, enjoy the chapters XD.

Firstly is the finale to the Queen Ant fight. Then the receptionist is introduced, you know, the one with the ponytail that never had a name. After that, we finally get into the main story of this arc, the Orcs.


  1. Ayy Lmao. Merry Easter Patrick Fools.


  2. Majota

    4 Chapters at once? I think you need to go gamble some more…


  3. Antares

    *pats pats* good job.

    i learned not to gamble a long time ago…(cuz i have terrible luck) *gives you thumbs up and a cookie*


  4. DaGoochMVP

    As someonw who iz bad at gambling, i sympathize. Still, this makes me happy so thanks silent


  5. Thanks for the batch release!


  6. Krozam

    Hurray for gambling translators! XD



  7. thank you so much! thanks for losing the gamble.


  8. Thanks for the chapter!

    And I want in on your next “gambling” session ^.^


  9. Thx for the chapters!


  10. lordofeaglesbringeroftacos

    mwahaha!!! Gamble some more translators-san for your misfortunes are our miracles!!


  11. Slimikyi

    Please Gamble More!!



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