Legend Chapters 22-25

Here’s Chapter 22…and 23…and 24…and 25……yeah.

You’re all probably wondering why you got 4 chapters instead of the normal 1. Well, it’s not a birthday present, unless it is your birthday, which in that case happy birthday.

The translator’s corner discord chat ran a mahjong tournament which I entered. Unfortunately, I seem to have missed the part about the loser of each round having to pay in either songs or chapters, chapter/6 points or song/2 points.

Aaaaand I lost by 18 points T.T so it’s the weekly chapter + 3 more.

So I would like to take this time to say gamble responsibly, and if possible, don’t gamble at all.

Well aside from that, enjoy the chapters😄.

Firstly is the finale to the Queen Ant fight. Then the receptionist is introduced, you know, the one with the ponytail that never had a name. After that, we finally get into the main story of this arc, the Orcs.


  1. Ayy Lmao. Merry Easter Patrick Fools.


  2. Majota

    4 Chapters at once? I think you need to go gamble some more…


  3. Antares

    *pats pats* good job.

    i learned not to gamble a long time ago…(cuz i have terrible luck) *gives you thumbs up and a cookie*


  4. DaGoochMVP

    As someonw who iz bad at gambling, i sympathize. Still, this makes me happy so thanks silent


  5. Thanks for the batch release!


  6. Krozam

    Hurray for gambling translators!😄



  7. thank you so much! thanks for losing the gamble.


  8. Thanks for the chapter!

    And I want in on your next “gambling” session ^.^


  9. Thx for the chapters!


  10. lordofeaglesbringeroftacos

    mwahaha!!! Gamble some more translators-san for your misfortunes are our miracles!!


  11. Slimikyi

    Please Gamble More!!



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