Legend Chapter 21

Here’s Chapter 21.

For those wondering how you use a fire breath, this is how you use a fire breath XD.

Also I really think that Rei should read the dismantling guide before and not after mincing monsters, I reckon it would make retrieving stuff much easier.

And lets face it, after Goblin Dro- *cough* Claws of the Hawk appeared last chapter, you can’t say you didn’t expect what the next monster was going to be.


  1. Krozam

    As always, thanks for the chapter.

    I wonder how long this phase is going to last… With no one to interact with besides Set, and no plot to mention, it’s getting a little bit boring. Still good enough that I intend to patiently wait for the next phase to begin, though.


  2. kika

    I hope you will translate all of tem
    thouht I want to help ~…but i cant translate just with machine xD


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