Legend Chapter 20

Here’s Chapter 20, this is an automated chapter post as I’ll be out for most of the day. Hopefully the link works when it’s released. Also, could someone post this on reddit? I’ll put the format for the reddit post at the very bottom.

We’re almost halfway through the first arc so maybe the orcs that are supposed to be in this arc will appear soon.

About the chapter, we usually read lords and rulers as being nasty people, but if you think about it from their perspective, they don’t necessarily have the nicest life either.

For those wondering how the city was built, there’s a tidbit for you guys as well.

Lastly for those wondering what happened to the Claws of the Hawk…yeah, well, you’ll see.


by Kannazuki Kurenai [神無月 紅]
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[Chapter 20] (https://silenttl.wordpress.com/legend/legend-chapter-20/)

Living in the Tohoku countryside, Saeki Reiji lost his life in an accident during summer vacation……However, he found himself in a white world with a strange glowing orb in front of his eyes. The orb claimed to be a magician of a different world, and he was looking for a person who would inherit the magic he had perfected in order to prevent the knowledge from disappearing. With that, Reiji, equipped with a new body and powerful magic, went to live in the world of Elgin.
**More Links**

* [TOC](https://silenttl.wordpress.com/legend/)

* [Raw Source](http://ncode.syosetu.com/n3726bt/)


  1. Posted the Chapter on Reddit~ Thanks for the new chapter!


    • SilentNumber

      Thanks kirindas.


  2. monkoto

    Thanks for the Chapter!

    Just wondering SilentNumber, do you translate/edit on your own?


    • SilentNumber

      Yes, I translate and edit on my own, although I typically get lazy with the editing and only do it just before the chapter release XD.


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