Legend Chapter 18

Here’s Chapter 18

Sorry about the broken link last week. I’ve been scheduling the chapters for the past few weeks and sometimes I forget to check all the links. On that note, my release time is GMT 00:00 for those that want to know.

For those that get linked from reddit, you’ll probably see this chapter a bit later because I’m usually busy during the release time which means that I don’t post it on reddit. If someone can do that, feel free to do so.

Finally something about the chapter, Rei should really check what he can cut with the Death Scythe, finding out on the spot is all good but only if he can cut it, if he can’t then that’s going to get a little awkward.


  1. thanks for the chapter /o/


  2. Thanks for the new chapter!


  3. Did you forget to allow comments on the chapter? xD I had to come back here to reply 😦
    Well… My comment is… Oh! That’s right!
    Why sigh MC? I’m pretty sure fire breath is a lot better than beginners fire ball right? 😀
    Thank you so much for the chapter 🙂


    • SilentNumber

      Haha, sorry, comments enabled now, not sure why they weren’t though, I was sure I enabled them when I made the page.


  4. Its awesome and thx! Now, lets have a BBQ!


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