Legend Chapter 16

Here’s Chapter 16

Now I know Zepairu was a bit off but you still have to commend him. Would you be able to keep the time if you were stuck as a glowing orb in another dimension for so long?

Also, you might laugh at the people running away from Set but what would be your reaction if someone with a lion walked out on to the main street right in front of you?

I was short on time last week so I missed the series of the week, but anyway, here’s another recommendation. Perfect World, I found it when it moved to Wuxia World and went through 90 chapters in a bit over a day. The best I can explain it without spoiling anything is that a stupidly strong little kid goes around trolling everyone and everything. It’s not so obvious in the early chapters but in the later ones it gets really crazy.

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  1. Vex002

    thanks for the chapter


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