Legend Chapter 13

Here’s chapter 13 and the fight you’ve been looking forward to.

……Okay, let’s face it, its not going to be much of a fight, you  all knew that right?

What we do find out though is that Rei has a cunning AND brutal streak.


For my series of the week, I’ll introduce He-Man’s translation of Upgrade Specialist in Another World on WuxiaWorld. There’s only a few chapters but it has an interesting twist on being sent to another world, not a particularly nice one to the one being sent though.

EDIT: whoops my bad, link was to chapter 10, copy pasted the url and forgot to change the number.


  1. Wrong link. The link is for chapter 10~


    • SilentNumber

      Whoops, thanks, link is now fixed.


  2. Link goes to chapter 10


    • go to 12 and then hit next chapter at the bottom


      • Well thanks but I have already read it


    • SilentNumber

      Sorry about that, only just realised it.


      • Np


  3. hivegu

    just change the 10 to 13 in the link


    • SilentNumber

      Changed, forgot to edit the link when copy pasting from an earlier chapter’s url


  4. thewiggler

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