Legend Chapter 11

And here’s the first chapter of the year! Chapter 11

I stayed up for the new year but the fireworks in my area were really depressing.

Anyway, about the chapter, it feels like it’s been a while since I’ve seen a nice and competent guard. The world’s currency is also introduced, which leads me to another thing. I can’t figure out what the name largest currency is meant to be, if anyone has any suggestions after reading the TL note in the chapter, drop a comment below.

Also, it’s become a bit of a habit to share a series that I’m reading every week now. On the idea of non mainstream weapons, Madan ou to Vanadis is a good read, while not unconventional, a bow is still a rare weapon for a MC. 12 translated volumes can be read here setsuna86blog.wordpress.com. He seems to keep disappearing at the end of each of the recent volumes though, not exactly an easy life for him.


  1. Thanks for the new chapter!


  2. thanks for the chapter /o/o/o/o/ just hope this mc doesn’t have a wimpy personality ( sorry for the bad english )


  3. Krozam

    Thanks for the translation. I just read the first 11 chapters, and I’m quite liking this so far. I like a structured, detail-oriented approach to world building and introduction. I also like a level-headed protagonist, like Rei. He’s probably pretty OP, but I’m okay with that. The translation also seems to be of good quality. Keep up the good work,

    BTW, Vanadis can also be found in Baka-Tsuki. I can recommned it, although I haven’t read the few most recent volumes yet.


  4. [light gold] coin is it the word play of the author pertaining to sutra golden light? and it could also mean imperial gold.

    well i;m not so certain but i hope i have shared some info to help with you translation.


    • SilentNumber

      Thanks for your thoughts. I’ll consider that since calling it light gold makes me feel that it’s worth less than platinum at the moment.


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