Legend Chapter 9

Surprise, surprise, early chapter! Chapter 9

I got some stuff going on tomorrow so I thought I’d post this earlier.

For those who are wondering when they will find civilization of any sort, the answer is soon, very soon.

Also, just a note, at the moment, I have to approve the first comment from any user that comments, any comment after that is automatically approved. So if your comment doesn’t show, that’s probably because I’m asleep and haven’t approved it yet.

Finally, my time zone is GMT +9:30, so while I say my releases are on weekends, for those in America, it’s either Friday or Saturday…I think.

Edit: Oh yea, for those looking for something similar to Magi Craft Meister to read, Seiun wo Kakeru is also an interesting series, it can be read here, https://koreyorihachidori.wordpress.com/seiun-wo-kakeru/

1 Comment

  1. Thanks for sharing this series!

    P.S Magi Craft Meister and Seiun wo Kakeru are great reads. 🙂


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