Legend Chapter 8

Here’s Chapter 8.


Well, you’ll get it after you read the chapter. Sadly it’s not the orc horde which should appear sometime considering the arc name.

About orcs, ever since I saw WH40K orks, I confuse the two. But because orks stick in my memory more clearly than orcs, I end up imagining orcs = orks. Because of that, reading Legendary Moonlight Sculptor got a little bit weird in my imagination when Weed turned himself into the the orc Karawachi and led an army of them to fight the undead.

Edit: I’ve just checked a couple of the older chapters and it seems I’ve forgotten to enable comments on some of them, in case I do that in future and someone wants to comment, drop a note on the announcement post.


  1. mecharos

    Thank you for the Chapters!


  2. Anom

    Thank you! \o/ yaaay


  3. Thanks for the new chapter!


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