Chapter 7

And here is chapter 7, was hoping to get it out sooner but my net has been a bit dodgy lately and its impossibly hard to load web pages.

Also, just a random thought, but am I the only one who thinks that if Rei used all his magic power and burnt the entire forest down it would end up something like the start of Death March?


  1. Yup, destroy the demon filled forest, cause surviving monsters (like dragons) to scatter into surrounding lands, and gain access to a magic source with tons exp to boot. Not to mention, that for years you’ll be able to sift through ashes to gather magic cores, like the gold panners of old, lol.


    • Imagine hundreds of thousands of cores letting their mana into the ground and the ash. Insects and plants will become OP. Imagine a single worm able to take down a country. That actually scares me.


  2. Azure

    Those were my thoughts exactly. Whenever he’d be cautious to try not to burn down the forest I’d say to myself “just do it, it’ll be great..”


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