Legend Chapters 3-6 + More Stuff

Wow…I actually managed to do it…
Anyway, hello again, especially to those who came over from 87%translation. I was wondering what happened when my traffic doubled.

If any of you feel I took 87% project without asking, I have apologized to him if he saw it as such, it was not my intention. He has since replied and all is good.
I didn’t realize that he had already translated up to chapter 5 and as a result….I somehow finished 4 chapters.
For those who haven’t read 87%’s translations, here are 4 chapters, for those that have, here’s the next one.

Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Legend chapters are really long, I’m not kidding. For comparison, the Magi Craft Meister chapters that I’ve worked on average around 2.5-3k characters, peaking at 4k, Legend chapters average 4.5-5k peaking at 6k so yeah, they’re long.

On to the subject of terminology, my preference is to keep the names as close to the original sound as possible unless the name is a reference to something. What does everyone think? Would you like me to keep the names as they are or would you like me to anglicize them?
Lastly, please be nice to your translators. Believe it or not, we aren’t mindless translating machines…we can edit >.<


  1. Thanks for the batch release!


  2. Thanks!

    Thanks, this series seems really good. I hope you keep translating it in the future.


  3. thanks translator-sama


  4. Thanks for the chapters 😀


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