Legend Chapter 1 + Other Stuff

Hmm…what to say…

Hello, I guess! I’m SilentNumber, some of you may know me from NatsuTL, for those that don’t, take a look at the about page.

While looking around for novels similar to Magi Craft Meister, I came across one called Legend. It had an interesting synopsis so I decided to take a look.

As a result I’m now translating Legend, and will continue to do so unless I stop reading it. I mean, seriously, why would I translate something I don’t want to read?

Here’s the first chapter hope you enjoy it.

I can’t say much about my translations other than it’s user eye friendly (I think), anything else is up to your own judgement.

p.s. What Am I Doing…I Have An Exam Tomorrow…expect weekly chapters, release day yet to be decided.

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