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Legend Chapters 3-6 + More Stuff

Wow…I actually managed to do it… Anyway, hello again, especially to those who came over from 87%translation. I was wondering what happened when my traffic doubled. If any of you feel I took 87% project without asking, I have apologized to him if he saw it as such, it was not my intention.┬áHe has since …

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Legend Chapter 2 + Schedule

Hey, I’m finally done with exams and all. Then my internet dropped out for 2 days starting from the day I finished my exams *grumbles*. Anyway here’s chapter 2. Onto my planned schedule, I’ll be releasing 1 chapter a week over the weekend. Extra chapters may come out during the week depending on how big …

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Legend Chapter 1 + Other Stuff

Hmm…what to say… Hello, I guess! I’m SilentNumber, some of you may know me from NatsuTL, for those that don’t, take a look at the about page. While looking around for novels similar to Magi Craft Meister, I came across one called Legend. It had an interesting synopsis so I decided to take a look. …

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